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Sodium sulfide
sodium sulfide and its role in mining industry (flotation):
sodium sulfide is used as an activator to make the surfaces of intended minerals hydrophobic and sulphide.
in flotation process of oxide minerals,at first,the surface of the intended oxid mineral should be sufide by sodium sulfide, and the collector should be added to the mixture. adding sodium sufide,increase the efficiency of the collectot and consequently the whole flotation process significantly.
in leather industry:
sodium sulfide is used in leather industry for the sulfitisation of tanning extracts,it is also used during leather processsing,as an unhairing agent in the liming operation .
in textile industry:
sodium sufide is used in textile industry as a bleaching agent,for desulfurising and as a dechlorating agent.
in paper industry:
sodium sulfide is used in kraft process in the pulp and paper industry.
it is used in other application including oil recovery, making dyes and detergent.
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